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At Huebsch, we not only provide world-class vended and on-premises laundry equipment, we also take pride in our industry knowledge and support team staffed with true laundry experts. No matter what your laundry question may be, we can help. So browse our collection of answers to questions ranging from products and parts to maintenance and sales, and if you have a question of your own, contact us.

Q. What do a bra wire, drywall screws and paper clips have in common?
A. All of these items pose a high risk of damaging the inside of your tumbler drum. Huebsch uses a patented cylinder perforation designed to minimize or eliminate any potential damage to the cylinder.
Q. What’s 2 + 2,000 + 250,000?
A. These are some of the requirements needed to own and operate a laundry.
  • It takes an average of 2 hours of your time a day
  • You need a minimum of 2,000 square feet of space to house a laundry
  • $250,000 is the approximate startup cost of a self-serve laundry
Q. How are colleges and mobile home parks related?
A. Laundry businesses in areas around both colleges and mobile home parks have a history of success.
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