Why Upgrade to Huebsch Vended Laundry Products

Wireless, cloud-based, and retaining all the Galaxy features you love, Huebsch Command™ lets you optimize each and every one of your machines and all of your locations from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Plus, it’s supported and upgraded by Huebsch®, so after an initial setup that takes literally minutes, you can rest assured it will always save you time. And with features like our exclusive eBoost™ technology that uses 33 percent less water per cycle and reduces non-wash water below the cylinder you can take charge of your revenue. All while providing customers more choices for their laundry with multi-level vend, time-of-day pricing and green cycle modifiers.

Save More. Make More.

Huebsch combines unparalleled efficiency with the industry’s most advanced controls to help you save —and make — more money with your equipment. Below are all of the incredible bottom-line benefits of upgrading your equipment lineup with Huebsch today.

Save More

In a head-to-head comparison, Huebsch consumed significantly less water and energy than “Competitor X.”*


fewer gallons of water per year


fewer gallons of water every seven years, enough to fill 1 1/2 Olympic-sized
swimming pools


in utility savings each year

Make More

Not only does Huebsch consume less utilities than “Competitor X,” Galaxy™ 600 Controls also offer more revenue-generating control features that take your cash flow to another level, such as 24 cycle options for full programmability and complete flexibility. And with Huebsch Command you can optimize your machines and control your business from anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Huebsch Competitor Comparison Chart

Real Savings For Real People.

The monumental efficiency gap between Huebsch and its competitors is certainly evident in controlled testing. But it’s even
more jarring in real-world applications. When the Laundry Factory upgraded from “Competitor Y” to new Huebsch equipment
with Galaxy 600 Controls, their water usage dropped so much that they were contacted by the water company to make sure
there wasn’t some mistake. The numbers explain why. Watch the full Laundry Factory Success Story

Water Usage (Gallons/Month)†

Before Huebsch


After Huebsch



0 gal.

Monthly Water Bill††

Before Huebsch


After Huebsch




Case Study: The Laundry Factory - Pittsburgh, PA

See why this successful owner chose Huebsch products and how the laundromat business has transformed his lifestyle.


The new equipment was always going to be Huebsch.
It really is the cream of the crop compared to
everything else. It runs forever.

- Laundromat Owner, Jerry Montesano - The Laundry Factory

UPDATE: Jerry Montesano replaced competitor’s machines with Huebsch® in 2011. When an adjacent storefront became available in late 2013, he took advantage of the opportunity to transform The Laundry Factory again. Equipped with more energy-efficient Huebsch equipment that customers love, the additional 2,000 square feet has allowed Montesano to more comfortably serve customers, increase wash and fold volume and accept additional commercial accounts. Since the addition, he’s grown his customer base and has increased efficiency, even when faced with rising utility rates.
Read more about The Laundry Factory’s expansion here.

World-Renowned Tumble Dryers.

Our proud heritage as a leader in commercial laundry goes all the way back to 1907, when we were founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
And when we invented the open-end tumble dryer in 1931, we cemented our legacy as industry innovators.

Some things never change. Today, we’re still headquartered in Wisconsin. And we’re still leading the industry with durable,
efficient tumble dryers guaranteed to save and make more money.

Save Money. If your current dryers are 15 years old or older, you’re probably losing money on every load. Replace your old equipment with newer, more efficient Huebsch tumble dryers today, and you can lower your gas consumption by 25-35%.

Make Money. While other brands focus exclusively on speed or solely on efficiency, Huebsch knows that both are important when it comes to vended tumble dryers. Drying is about the perfect balance of reducing energy consumption and delivering the fastest dry times to help customers accomplish their No. 1 goal – getting in and out fast. Because satisfied customers become regular customers, you can increase your store’s profitability. Huebsch offers a variety of tumble dryer models and sizes to meet the needs of your laundry and to maximize turns.

Let’s take a look at Huebsch’s 45 lb stack dryer. The speed of the 45 lb stack dryer will get customers out the door fast, increasing your potential turns per day. The efficiency of the 45 lb stack dryer will keep operating costs in check and profitability high. And the extra load capacity of the two 45 lb capacity cylinders will allow you to charge a premium vend price. Huebsch is committed to delivering the perfect balance of speed and efficiency so that when you upgrade to new Huebsch tumble dryers, you can enjoy higher profits and happier customers.

Maximize Performance. Get the most out of your laundry business by equipping your laundromat with the combination of Huebsch Galaxy 600 tumble dryers, Huebsch Galaxy 600 washer-extractors and Huebsch Command controls. Quickly and easily program and monitor both sets of equipment for complete control of your laundromat, allowing you to optimize performance and maximize revenue from anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Not Just Better. More Affordable.

Think you can’t afford to upgrade? You can. With industry-leading, laundry-focused financing from Huebsch Financial, new Huebsch equipment could be yours for just dollars per day per machine. Contact a Huebsch Financial Manager today to see how small your payments could be. Or fill out your quick, online credit application today.

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*Disclaimer: Above information based on published data retrieved February 2014 from competitor website. Data compares 10 - 30 lb washer-extractors against comparative competitor models.

†Based on average monthly usage of featured laundromat with competitor equipment over a one-year period versus the average monthly
usage over a half-year period after switching to Huebsch.

††Based on the difference between an April 2010 water bill that represents the typical water costs associated with competitor machines as experienced by the featured laundromat and an April 2011 bill that represents the typical monthly water costs associated with Huebsch, also as experienced by the featured laundromat.

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